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      EPTISA Incorporated as an Overseas Subsidiary of JSTI Group —— A Special Interview with JSTI Group CEO Wang Junhua

      This China-based group corporation saw its stock price soaring on the stock market upon its purchase of the Spanish firm – EPTISA


      C. Morán, Madrid. 

      After year-long negotiations, the China-based JSTI Group accomplished its acquisition of one of the biggest Spanish engineering firms – EPTISA this summer. “This is the first company we have acquired in Europe. We hope that EPTISA can become a global platform for JSTI to improve its international status,” expressed JSTI CEO Wang Junhua when interviewed by EXPANSIÓN.

      Its acquisition of EPTISA will effectively increase the overseas business volume of JSTI. By 2015, its business operation volume had reached 110 million euros, covering 45 countries and regions. Upon completion of this acquisition, EPTISA will still be managed by Luis Villarroya. As for JSTI Group, it started listing on China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012 and its business revenues reached 400 million euros in 2015, with an average growth rate of 20% to 30% over past 5 years. Investors generally hold positive views towards this acquisition of EPTISA by JSTI Group. So far, the capital accumulated by JSTI has reached 1800 million euros.   

      CEO Wang Junhua is a big shareholder of JSTI Group. In his opinion, despite the great difficulties in acquisition negotiations, their efforts are worthwhile. He said that “our goal is to build EPTISA into a platform, and we will rely on this platform to effectively integrate our resources. Also, we will retain their corporate brand and management team. We hold that an international company would have its unique management system, and it is of inherent value to retain that”. Moreover, he pointed out: “In China, JSTI Group is a special company. 60% of its stocks are held by its management team, while the others are free float. This acquisition was supported by foreign agencies in Madrid and Beijing, but the whole negotiations are non-governmental, without any governmental background involved, during which KPMG acted as the consultant for JSTI. ”

      “Whether you wish or not, China will be a master of the world,” expressed EPTISA CEO Luis Villarroya. 

      Increase in capital

      According to Luis Villarroya, JSTI's acquisition of EPTISA is a historic event. Since the venture capital fund Magnum purchased some stocks of EPTISA in 2007, EPTISA has continuously explored acquisition, aiming to make the company a listed multinational group as soon as possible. JSTI happened to meet the above needs with its participation this time, and it proposed more favorable conditions that other acquisition parties. Furthermore, Luis Villarroya boldly stated that “whether you wish or not, China will be a master of the world”. 

      According to their agreement, this acquisition is made through increase in the company's capital, with an increase amount of 16 million euros. JSTI Group holds 90% of equities of EPTISA. Prior to this capital increase, original stockholders of EPTISA recovered their investments of capital of 29.4 million euros through shareholding reduction (the venture capital fund Magnum used to hold 60% of EPTISA's equities and the company's management team held the other stocks). In addition, in next years, JSTI Group may opt to spend approximately 10 million euros to buy the remaining 10% of equities of EPTISA. Upon completion of this acquisition, EPTISA Vice President and CEO will continue leading EPTISA, and he and the other members of the management team will retain some corporate capital, whose amount is equivalent to that held by Magnum Venture Capital Fund.

      From a financial partner to an industrial partner 

      1、In 2007, Magnum invested in EPTISA with a trading volume of 85 million euros, while JSTI Group invested 46 million euros in EPTISA. 

      2、EPTISA is currently implementing a three-year-long strategic program, whose aim is to improve the sales volume. Its sales volume reached 110 million euros in 2015. 

      3、JSTI Group acquired US-based TestAmerica with approximately 117 million euros this year, the latter specializing in the environmental field. 

      JSTI Expansion.jpg