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        Directors/Supervisors and Senior Managements
        Name Position Year of Birth Gender Education
        Fu Guanhua Chairman 1963 Male PhD
        Wang Junhua Vice Chairman 1961 Male Masters
        Li Dapeng Member of the Board,Managing Director 1977 Male Bachelor
        Zhao Shuming Independent Director 1952 Male PhD
        Li Wenzhi Independent Director 1967 Male Masters
        Zhu Zengjin Independent Director 1964 Male Masters
        Liu, James Xiaodong Independent Director 1960 Male PhD
        Liu Hui Head of Secretariat of the Board 1972 Male Bachelor
        Hu Chengchun Supervisor 1972 Male Bachelor
        Jiang Aidong Employee Supervision 1968 Male Masters
        Zhu Xiaoning Vice President 1974 Male Bachelor
        Zhang Haijun Vice President 1970 Male Masters
        Ji Yuehua Vice President 1971 Male Bachelor
        Ling Chen Vice President 1974 Male PhD
        Ma Jianbiao Vice President 1969 Male Bachelor
        He Xinghua Vice President 1980 Male Bachelor
        He Miao Vice President 1976 Male Masters
        Wang Dongping Vice President 1965 Male Masters
        Pan Lingsong Secretary of the Board ,Finance director 1966 Male Bachelor